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We are a non-conventional yoga studio that holds at its heart the notion

“what if being kind to yourself could change everything”

Our teachers and classes reflect this heart based sentiment. Each yoga class is a dedication to creating space JUST for you. Whether you are an athlete looking to deepen into your mind:body to lift to higher performance or someone wanting sanctuary from the world outside, to everyday people looking to increase their flexibility, meditate, and to release the world inside. Our teachers have a depth of knowledge that will help you unlock tired bodies, stressed minds, refresh, invigorate and renew You.

We offer Yoga For the People

There so many benefits from choosing yoga as a way of nourishing yourself and staying whole. Below are some of the ways in which we can meet you there.

The Yoga Classes


Our most popular class! This floor based flow that focuses on holding simple postures longer. Yin targets the deep connective tissue which binds bones/joints together as well as the inner body covering called the fascia. It strengthens joints, increases flexibility and joint mobility. Yin is an intentional, meditative and beautifully accessible form of asana practice for all yogi’s. Its purposeful practice settles the mind, relaxes and releases tension. A gratitude filled, sensory experience, a Yin class is like stepping into sanctuary, where all else falls away. The class is often backgrounded with music.

Fluid, continuous and flowing with breath. The Vinyasa flow deepens and stokes your inner fire, strengthens the body and expands your inner self with knowing and clarity. Each teacher brings a depth of well lived yoga practice, and their own knowing to each class. The classes are suitable for all yogis. Please let your teacher know if you need modifications or help with specific postures.

An invigorating, heart centred, fire-producing flow followed by calming Yin asana’s. Life right in your face? This class can dust you off and calm you down.


Deepening is for Yogi’s who wish to deepen, nourish and explore their practice. A deeper meditation, longer held yin postures will allow a settling into stillness and a surrendering to self. Deepening is exactly what it implies, a deep dive into Y O U journeying towards your soul. Leaving everything behind and meeting your true essence when it all falls away. Oftentimes it is not a journey for the faint-hearted, and yet along the way you will find courage, soften into your compassionate heart and unleash your creative mind. Deepening is the practice to which you bring life, and burn away the dross in the crucible of your practice. Deepening is an alchemical practice from which you will leave emerged and renewed.

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