YinYoga Beginners Series

YinYoga Beginners Series

with Carol Neilson

16th & 17th June, 2018

11.30am – 1.15pm

REGISTRATION: $85.00 – includes your classes, a complimentary pass to your first timetabled class and a copy of the beginners yoga sequence to take home.

BOOKINGS are required … click through to the timetable page enter the class date and go ahead book yourself in …


Participants heartfelt feedback has included new awareness on how to manage anxiety, stress and still relax with a full body practice.


New to YinYoga?

The YinYoga Beginners series is the perfect way to slowly introduce you to the notion of yoga, breath and body : mind mindfulness.You will learn basic yoga postures, and a core breathing practice that will form the foundation of your yoga practice. At the end of this series, you will be confident in continuing with our scheduled classes.


FAQ about YinYoga

Do I need to know how to do any kind of yoga?

No. That’s why we are running beginners classes, if that’s you, then you are exactly the person this class is for.

I am recovering from illness, and/or injury, I am pregnant, can I still participate in the class?

It depends. Most of the Asana’s are floor based, so lets have a conversation about your injury/recovery plan, or the trimester you are in.

Will I have to twist my body into a weird shape?

Phew, great question! define weird… Just kidding.
So here’s the lowdown on Yin Yoga. This is a slower paced, meditative flow that focuses on holding postures longer, then softening into them using B R E A T H, rather than *striving/pushing* using the mind. Yin targets the deep connective tissue and the fascia of the body, so if you are a sportsperson, body builder, aging gracefully or recovering from injury/illness Yin creates new pathways to re-energise joints, connective tissue and increase flexibility. Oh, and anyone of any shape or size can do it.

Do I need to wear special yoga clothes?

Wear comfortable clothing you can move easily in. If you have yoga gear, wear that.

What else do I need to bring

Drink bottle and a small towel. {we have yoga mats}

Here are some benefits {just in case you like facts}, all researched and proven.

Results? Sure there are, here’s a few :
•    Calming and balancing to the mind and body
•    Regulates energy in the body
•    Increases mobility in the body, especially the joints and hips
•    Lowering of stress levels
•    Greater stamina
•    Better lubrication and protection of joints
•    More flexibility in joints & connective tissue
•    Release of fascia throughout the body
•    Help with migraines
•    Deeper Relaxation
•    A great coping for anxiety and stress
•    Better ability to sit for meditation
•    Ultimately you will have a better Yang practice

REGISTRATION: you can register for this workshop by phoning 0212 845 090 or email us.

Full payment of $85.00 is required to ensure your place. Registration is confirmed when payment is complete.


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