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YinYoga Napier & Wellbeing is an urban sanctuary in the heart of Napier offering yoga, meditation, energy therapies, body work, wellness workshops and Mind:Body coaching. From the moment you enter through the door everything begins to slow down.

Our intention is that you leave feeling lighter, more relaxed and happier.

We guide you towards quiet, mindful space within. We teach you how to cultivate a deeper connection to that which nourishes you. We show you how to make changes to your lifestyle, we offer an accountability that has at its heart “loving kindness” You leave relaxed, calm, de~stressed, with ways to live in the world that are whole, balanced and meaningful.

Yoga & Wellbeing Be-spoke Packages

We  create a be-spoke Yoga & Wellbeing package that best meets the quality of life you desire, which in turn begins to restore the overlooked areas of your life.

WELLBEING Life Assessment Questionnaire: We begin by discussing your current health/stress/wellbeing, getting a sense of where in life you are in balance, or out of balance. A biofeedback tool measuring heart rate variability will be used to explore your current level of relaxation and mindful connectedness.

From there we “cherry pick” the juiciest options, offer simple, succinct tips, accompany you on your WELLBEING journey with regular appointments, set up your Yoga/Meditation schedule and teach you how to integrate it all into life. You may see several of our Wellbeing practitioners/Yoga Guides depending on your journey. Would you like to come in for a Wellbeing Discovery session?

OR you might like to come in for a single session with any of our Practitioners

Just browse the Wellbeing appointment schedule below and book yourself in.

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