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Teacher | Guides at YinYoga Napier

Each of these beautiful humans are passionate yoga teacher | guides at our studio. Each one has answered a calling, one so powerful it was hard to ignore.

These are the amazing people who guide you. They are committed, open-hearted, willing to be vulnerable, willing to be seen. It is a privilege to guide alongside each one of them.

Studio Manifesto

In this vibrant community of YinYoga Napier our learning is constant, our desire to deepen our practice is a given. Each teacher seeks to be inspired, by the world outside & within them. We want to embody that which we are learning.

This is why you will see us in each others classes and at other studio’s.

We want to gather, co-create and extend our offerings in our extended yoga community.

We are ALWAYS inspired by you, the student who shows up, no matter what is happening in your life. We love that about you.

Our values are transparency, truth, trust, integrity, co-creation, community spirit, generosity, loving kindness & compassion. These are touchstone, heart-filled values for YinYoga Napier. We do our very best to honour them in right action, right words.

We are not for everyone. Everyone is not for us. Yet we know that there is always somewhere we can meet and discover, how we might endeavour to make it work.

We want to sustain you on this journey called life in the best way we, as guides know. Through deep listening, compassion, love & empathy. Through yoga, mindfulness & meditation. Through freely sharing our knowledge with you, the student, other teachers & studio’s.

We seek to awaken, to raise loving consciousness. To nurture and feed that deeper sense of coming home. To oneself.

Its the best we can do, for our community…

All love to you  …

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