ABSOLUTE Beginners Yoga series

ABSOLUTE Beginners Yoga Workshop

with Carol Neilson & Helen Thomas

This is for you if you are interested in beginning a yoga practice AND are an Absolute Beginner. You want to be in a class filled with people like you. Newbies, wearing comfortable clothes, knowing nothing about yoga but wanting to give it a go. You heard it makes a difference to managing your whole body, health & wellbeing.

Maybe you’ve tried yoga before. Started in a class that had people in it who knew what they were doing, and here you were, feeling slightly awkward, couldn’t keep up and didn’t understand what was being said. You might have said, nah, not for me.

If this is you … this is the series you’ve been waiting for. At the end of the two days you will feel confident to join into any of our timetabled classes, or continue to maintain a home practice. You will notice the difference it makes to your everyday life.

THE DETAILS: We cover the basic’s of postures in Sun Salutation. The ABSOLUTE basics of breath, Yin, use of props, mindfulness & meditation. We also introduce you to the notion of rest + restore as a practice of taking care of yourself. Also woven through Yin, meditation & mindfulness is an intro to body intelligence, the effect of stress on the body, and how to manage this.

Enrolment is for both days

COST: $85.00

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